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  • MONEL 400

    Monel 400 ® , Nickelvac ® 400, Nicorros® 400

    Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy (about 23% Cu–67% Ni ) that is resistant to sea water and steam at high temperatures as well as to salt and caustic solutions. Alloy 400 is a solid solution alloy that can only be hardened by cold working. This nickel alloy exhibits characteristics like good weldability, good corrosion resistance and high strength. A low corrosion rate in rapidly flowing brackish or seawater combined with excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking in most freshwaters, and its resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions led to its wide use in marine applications and other non-oxidizing chloride solutions. This nickel alloy is particularly resistant to hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids when they are de-aerated. As would be expected from its high copper content, alloy 400 is rapidly attacked by nitric acid and ammonia systems.

    Monel 400® is a nickel-copper alloy that is hardened by cold working only. Monel 400® has low corrosion rate in flowing seawater, therefore it is widely used in marine applications. Monel 400® also has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most freshwaters. Monel 400® can be used in temperatures up to 1000 º F. The alloy has great mechanical properties at subzero temperatures.

    Uttam Steel India is one of the quality suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and exporters of Monel 400 in different forms.

    Available forms are monel 400 pipe, monel 400 tube, monel 400 seamless tube, monel 400 welded tube, monel 400 round bars, monel 400 coil, monel 400 wire, monel 400 sheet, monel 400 plate, monel 400 forgings, monel 400 fittings, monel 400 fasteners, monel 400 flanges

    Chemical Analysis of ALLOY 400 (UNS N04400)

    C MN P S Si Ni Cu Fe other
    0.3 max 2.0 max 0.02 max 0.024 max 0.5 max 63.0 max
    28-34 max 2.5 max  


      Sheet / Plate   ASME SB-127 / AMS 4544
      Round Bar   ASME SB-164 / QQ-N-281
      Pipe   ASME SB-165 / ASME SB-829 / ASME SB-775 / ASME SB-725
      Tube   ASME SB-165 / ASME SB-163 / ASME SB-730 / ASME SB-751
      Fittings   ASME SB-366
      Forgings   ASME SB-564

    Mechanical Properties - Typical room temperature Tensile Properties of Annealed Material

    Product Form Condition Tensile (ksi) .2% Yield (ksi) Elongation (%) Hardness (HRB)
    Rod & Bar Annealed 75-90 25-50 60-35 60-80
    Rod & Bar Cold-Drawn Stress Relieved 84-120 55-100 40-22 85-20 HRC
    Plate Annealed 70-85 28-50 50-35 60-76
    Sheet Annealed 70-85 30-45 45-35 65-80
    Tube & Pipe Seamless Annealed 70-85 25-45 50-35 75 max *